Thursday, 27 November 2008

Fwad Photography!

My lovely friend Fu who I used to work with at LIQUIDe has set up his own photography business. His website is fantastic and full of brilliant images. Check it out here.

It made me realise that really I should have set up my own business when I got my redundancy money. He has done so much- travelled to Africa and Asia and really I guess the world is your oyster! If you have a dream you can achieve it!

It also made me realise whilst I was looking on facebook at all the messages of support for Fu left by former colleagues at LIQUIDe how tight knit we all were. We were like a wee family and it is tough when that's gone. This year has taken a lot of adjusting but I am thankful that in some form or other (mostly through facebook) we are all still in touch!

So here's to Fu's new company and good friends from old companies!

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carine said...

cheers to that lovely xxx