Friday, 21 November 2008

Giving Gifts!

I love giving gifts!! It is probably along with cooking for friends and family my favourite thing to do!

I love picking the right gift, choosing the wrapping and then indulging in putting it all together. I am better than I used to be as previously everyone would have confetti in every card and present!! But I still love wrapping presents and sending them off to loved ones!
The best presents are always the ones that you know will be well received and my beautiful friend Heidi just wrote a lovely blog about a gift she received through the mail from me for her newborn daughter, Kloe.

Kloe Jean Russell was born on the 21st of October and I have loved seeing Heidi's blog updates over the last month! (I guess Kloe is a month today!- Happy First Month!) She is beautiful!

I sent her over a cuddly bear as I gave her sister, Paige a toy cat from the same brand when she was born and she loves it... Paige's cat is called 'meow' and by all accounts is a favourite! I also gave Kloe a lovely baby grow that is in pink and white (Heidi has the most coordinated baby clothes- I love it!!)

Here are a few wee pictures I pinched from Heidi's site-(I hope she doesn't mind!) Her children are adorable and I only wish I could have given her Kloe's gift in person! I miss Heidi, her family and all the Florida girls so much!!
Kloe with her baby grow and teddy bear from Scotland

Lincoln and Paige with their favourite cuddly animals.

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