Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pre party drinks!

Hillary as Freddie Mercury, Becky as Brittany and Corinne as Avril Lavine all dressed up for the Watson's rugby club karaoke night.

Becky's boyfriend Dougie's Rugby Club hosted a karaoke night on the 18th of October. Since I'd spent all my pennies the night before I was not so keen to go along- also you know when you just have those days that you feel rubbish and it's just not worth fighting it!!

So I went along to Corinne's for pre party drinks and when they headed off I headed home.

It was great to see Corinne and Herc etc and catch up! I feel like I have been so so busy in the last year I haven't made the time as much as before... but hopefully moving forward I can try and be better!
Hillary, Herculine (who is looking great at the moment- she was telling me all about her new eating plan and it sounds great and makes her look fabulous- well done Herc!!) and Frances.
Hillary and Becky getting their voices tuned and ready for some singing!! (they all vowed they would not be signing!!) not sure if they kept to that!!

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