Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Witchery on Halloween Weekend!

2nd of November
It was Nathan's Dad's Birthday the day before my own so to celebrate his 60th Birthday Nathan's Mum treated us all to lunch at the Witchery on the Sunday. I have never been before and it was lovely. We were in the Secret Garden which was great for lunch as it was nice and light but by the time we left it was reaching dusk! I think we ended up having a 3 1/2 hour lunch! I didn't indulge too much as I knew we were having take away later on but I had a wonderful pumpkin gnocchi and goats cheese salad to start.
Looking down the Close where the Witchery Restaurant is.. it looks so eerie and was decorated very tastefully for Halloween.
I loved their pumpkins! Especially the witch on her broom!
All the decor is very Gothic and is really in keeping with their location in the old town.

It looked so romantic when they light all the candles for dinner service. (we were still sat at our lunch table! oops!)

The birthday man himself. Neil and Lily.

Nathan, Me and My Dad
I love all of the Witchery's branding- it is so well done! Very sad but I took a picture of the logo on my coffee cup!

The secret garden room ready for dinner service. Whilst the parentals finished their coffee and chatted Nathan and I walked up to Edinburgh castle's esplanade. The sun was just setting and it looked fantastic with the castles silhouette.
Nathan and I

Our lunch party outside of the Witchery. Neil and Lily Pike, Nathan, Me and my Dad.

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