Tuesday, 25 November 2008

More Country Living Fair............

More wonderful companies that Hills and I discovered at the country living fair.
My Baboo is a collection of contemporary designs including handbags, homewear and little creatures, created from traditional materials with a modern twist. They won the best stand award for the Country Living Fair in Scotland. Hills and I loved their handbags! (we had a thing about handbags on Sunday!!)
Magic Pumkins and Faery Dust was another gorgeous stall- I love there website too!! Children's toys, clothes and textile accessories made from fair trade organic, reclaimed and vintage fabrics. I would have loved this dressing up outfit when I was younger!!

I'm not sure how these will do- hopefully well if they can get in with a big retailer but I thought the Giftelope was a wonderful idea... and something I will definitely use!! So look out for them if your birthday is coming up and you usually get packages in the post from me!!
And lastly because they came across as more established than the rest- and I am out to support the small business at the moment!! One of my favourite stalls because peonies are my most FAVOURITE of all the flowers.... well roses of any kind really!!
David Austen Roses had a beautiful (if slightly sterile looking stand) The flowers were AMAZING though!! David CH Austin, breeder, specialist grower and author, has introduced over 190 English Roses. David Austin Roses was established in 1969 and remains a family business. Here are some of the photos from their website- you can see why I love Roses!!

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My Baboo said...

Hi Jennie, thanks for mentioning me! Thought I recognised your name - I know your dad! I was an architect till July this year and my good friend Yunming used to work with your dad - small world!

Glad you had a good time at the fair.