Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sarah CW and Amber's Birthdays!!

I seem to be gatecrashing all of Becky's friend's get together recently!! On the 20th of October the RBS girls celebrated Amber and Sarah's birthday's with a dinner at Becky's. Amber was up from her new home town of London and I couldn't miss out on catching up with her and it was great to see and hear all Amy, Sarah D, and Sarah's news too!! Sarah CW and Amber- most of the cupcakes were taken home for Lucy and Seb (Sarah's children!)
I made Sarah and Amber a pre bought Chocolate Cake which I decorated very childishly with thick chocolate icing and covered in sweeties and then I made slightly more feminine cupcakes that spelt out each of their names. Amber went on line and showed us her beautiful wedding photos. It was great hearing all about her and David's honeymoon (we weren't jealous at all!!)

I think all the RBS girls enjoyed their dinner and catch up! Hopefully Amber will be able to come up from London often because she is missed!!

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