Thursday, 27 November 2008

Out of the mouths of babes!

I know it's not quite December but I love Christmas!! My sister's friend Sarah put this up on her facebook page and I just had to share it with you!!
My sister is Godmother to Sarah's son Seb and our friend Amber is Godmother to Sarah's daughter Lucy. As most children are they are very different siblings but both gorgeous, fun children to be around.
Lucy has always been very advanced for her age and talks like she's 60 never mind only turning 4! She's always been a wee bit mischievous too and tends to be able to talk herself out of most naughtiness.. this made me laugh though!
Sarah and her husband James took them both along with their new born sister Claudia to see Santa. Lucy briefed her Mummy and Daddy before she went in saying 'If Santa asks if I've been good, just say yes. Please don't tell him about all the naughty stuff'
'Out of the mouths of babes!!' I swear Sarah and James could write a book about all the entertaining things that Lucy comes out with!!

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