Wednesday, 19 November 2008

One Year till 30!!

I stayed at my Dad's the night before my birthday unexpectedly. So when I woke up in the morning I didn't imagine there to be any decorations as my sister and I usually do. But there was a wee birthday banner (that he must have found at the bottom of a drawer!) and a lovely card. He'd also been across to the shops and got some tasty breakfast! It was very much appreciated!

After we had lunch at the Witchery we all went back to the flat to have a cup of tea and I got to open my presents.
Last year I didn't ask for much from Nathan apart from a second hand rose bowl- which he could find in a charity shop! I was so chuffed to recieve it on my birthday but pretty annoyed to discover later that it was infact his Mum who had been putting all the effort in to looking for it!! So this year he was tasked with getting inexpensive presents that HE had to look for!
He did VERY well! I loved my Pinata! (slightly random present!) but it brought much amusement! And he clearly went to a lot of effort which made it more special!
Lily and Neil were also very generous and gave me vouchers for SpaceNK to buy new make up!
Nathan gave me some cosy winter woolies and a hot water bottle (to add to my collection!) our flat gets so cold in the winter I will def need it!!
Nathan, my Dad and I then went and met Becky and Dougie at the cinema and we went to see the new Bond- Quantumn of Solace. I love Bond Movies and my Dad enjoys them too.. it was a great movie although not as good as Daniel Craig's first!

After the movies we went back to Becky and Dougie's house for tea. This was the lovely table presentation I arrived too... Becky had gone to so much effort and made me a HUGE chocolate cake! It tasted AMAZING! (We also took the pinata along for after!)
Becky and Dougie spoilt me with vouchers to get my hair done! I was very happy!! (can you tell!?) I used to get my hair done every 6- 8 weeks but on my birthday it was already 12 weeks since I'd had it coloured!!
They also got me a subscription to the Good Food Magazine (loads of recipes coming your way!!) and the new series of Entourage on DVD (I love Entourage!)

I couldn't be happier! Family, Confetti, Chocolate Cake and a cup of tea at my side!!

Nathan and I as I cut my HUGE cake! Becky gave us the cake to take home and by the Thursday Nathan had eaten the rest of it!! (I had a few wee peices) But I think his last slab of cake must have been at least 1/5 of the cake!!
Pinata fun and games!! We forgot that Becky and Dougie's ceilings are quite low- thankfully we managed not to do any damage! You can see Dougie standing guarding his precious TV!!

Dougie giving the Pinata a good hit!!

When we got home I had forgotten to open one present that I'd hidden the week before (so I didn't open it before my birthday!) So the last thing to open were these gorgeous servers from my beautiful friend Heidi! She is so thoughtful and I have no idea how she found time to think of me as she was about to give birth to her third child, Kloe!

I took this photo to put on the front of my thank you cards to all my generous friends and family! I love giving and recieving presents and it really did make me smile!! THANK YOU!!!

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

I love seeing the pics about your birthday and your life. I miss you mucho and I hope you are well. I am glad you had such a fantastic birthday! xoxo