Thursday, 27 November 2008

St Andrews Day!

This week I have been getting up very early every morning (5.45am this morning!!) and doing event management for St Andrew's Do' this weekend. We have been flyering all the commuters travelling through the main railway stations in Edinburgh to tell them about the event to celebrate St Andrews Day.

The country's flagship event, the St Andrew's DO, will take place right in the heart of Edinburgh. The city's West Princes Street Gardens will host the St Andrew's DO, with a range of free entertainment activities for families, young adults and adults over the entire St Andrew's Day weekend (29-30 November) You can go to their website for more info.

Facts about St Andrew!
1. St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.
2. St Andrew is celebrated on 30 November.
3. St Andrew's Day is a day to celebrate Scottish culture, cuisine and ceilidhs.
4. St Andrew's flag is the flag of Scotland.
5. It's in the form of a white X on a blue background.
6. It is commonly known as The Saltire.
7. St Andrew's Societies exist around the world to celebrate Scottish culture.

The Ad agency we are working for has also put the saltire flag on the Balmoral Hotel clock face, beside the station. It made my morning at 6.45am on Monday!! It looks beautiful and is proving very popular with the public!! It stirs up a national pride- even at that time in the morning!!

I have got three and a half more days of flyering/ leafleting out in the cold!! Hopefully I can survive it!! (last Saturday we were at the Farmers Market at 9am and it was about 1*C/ 34*F!! Very Cold!) So I am feeling a little bit under the weather! I need some chicken soup!!

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