Friday, 21 May 2010

Cycling to Work

Well I am back to cycling to and from work. 

I picked up my bike on Monday night and took it back to my Dad's where Nathan tended to it and sorted out the rust on my chain etc. I feel awful that i have neglected my poor bike leaving it outside on the bike rack in office car park. Poor bike!

So far I have only cycled on Tuesday, Thursday and this morning as I was away in Newcastle and Manchester for the full day on Wednesday. I forgot how much I enjoyed my cycles. 

The picture above is not a great depiction but it shows the water of Leith which I cycle along each morning. Let's hope I can keep up with the cycling. 

There is such a change from cycling in the Autumn as I was last year. The cycle path is so green and lovely and thus far my hayfever has been kept at bay. 

If this weather continues I will definitely be cycling all summer.

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