Thursday, 6 May 2010

General Election

Well today after 5 years we, in the UK will be voting for our new Parliament. 

With a record number of MPs standing down due to the expenses scandal and personal reasons we really have a chance to reshape the way our country is run. 

I have really enjoyed the 3 main party leaders debates. They have really opened up the election and made people think about the policies rather than old school political divide. In the debates Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats has really done well scoring high in the debate polls. 

If you are still undecided please go to these websites. The first shows you which party, through their policies you are most in line with.

Also this - shows specific views of your local candidates

I found it really helpful. 

I will be voting after work as the polling stations are open until 10pm. 

It feels like whoever gets in it is going to be difficult as we have a huge problem with our economy but I refuse to be scared into believing that a hung parliament will be the end of us. I read this morning that 10 out of the 16 countries worldwide that have the triple-A financial stability rating are run by coalition governments so I will not be scared into voting for one party to keep another out. Nor am I going to vote tactically- I am going to vote for the party and candidate whose views are most in line with my own.... and hope for electoral reform in this next Parliament. 

I am excited to watch all the coverage tonight.

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