Friday, 28 May 2010

The Zealley family

I had booked 3 days off from work at the end of this month. Sadly due to work commitments I  had to cancel today, Friday as a holiday. I still managed to keep yesterday in the calendar as I had planned to go and visit Kate and her boys. 

I got the bus up from Edinburgh and Kate picked me up at Perth. We had a couple of hours in the morning just us and baby Tom, who is now 2 months old and filling out. We got to sit and have a cup of tea and talk something that is near impossible when there are 2 small boys running round. Then Kate picked up the boys from nursery and we went for lunch to Pizza Express.
Kate and the boys watching their pizzas being made. This was a very popular past time. We also went into their kitchen and saw where they cleaned the glasses and dishes... more curious than cats!
Charlie and his babycinno.
Back at Kate and Ian's house we went and played in the garden. I played pirates with the older boys and Charlie rescued me from the evil pirate (Alexander) -even though we didn't know he was evil. Sadly I did eventually have to walk the plank and the giant octopus got me but the boys survived as giant octopus don't eat boys only ladies!
Alexander, Me, Tom and Charlie.
We tried to take some nice photos in the garden but they didn't really work too well. Alexander wasn't happy about getting his photo taken and then Tom wanted feed. Ah well.... Charlie was always smiling!
Back in the house the boys got hold of my camera and were snap happy taking shots of each other. Some of them were quite funny with them making faces!
Charlie having his afternoon smoothie.
The remains of Charlie's biscuit!
Alexander doing funny poses.
Alexander taking a photo of Charlie.
Kate and Tom in their kitchen. 

I had such a lovely day and it was a great break from work. A good reminder to me of what life is really about. Having fun and enjoying the company of good friends.

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