Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Long Weekend

This past weekend I had Thursday, Friday and Monday off. I have been working long hours at work and have had 2 big campaigns back to back. With the 2nd campaign up and running for a week I took a well earned rest. 

On Thursday and Friday I spent time with my family. My Mum had been up from London for a week or so but I hadn't had a chance to see much of her. She came with me to go to the Rapha Centre in Braco, near Dunblane. It was a lovely drive into the country and whilst I had my appointment at the Natural Therapy Centre my Mum enjoyed the coffee shop. 

I have been going off and on to the Rapha Centre since 2004 but I thought that it was about time that I went back. I have only really been when I have felt run down, ill, low on energy and when I felt I needed vitamins and minerals. This time I want to preempt it and not hit the wall. I want to make sure I start to try and take time for myself and get back to exercising and eating healthy. I have let work take over and that is not a good way to be. I want to give 110% to my work, during working hours but be able to have a life outside of work and not just at the weekend. (Fingers crossed I manage to achieve this!)  

On Saturday Nathan and Dougie played in the Edinburgh 10's tournament. 

This was the first 10-a-side rugby union tournament held in the city and featured some of the best Scottish club teams as well as English and European invitational teams. It was a good atmosphere although I am sure this would have been improved on if the sun had been shinning and it wasn't so cold.  

Nathan and Dougie faced each other in the Semi final with Dougie's team going on to win the tournament. 

It was lovely seeing so many faces from the Edinburgh rugby scene. It very much was a social event, which made it even better. Maybe next year it will be bigger and will go on to be as big as Melrose. I will certainly go again.
Red 10 who were the winners of the Edinburgh 10's touranment. Above: Dougie and team mates getting their medals.
On Friday I started painting our kitchen. It has really needed a coat of paint since we moved in but I have never got round to it. So I decided that enough was enough. I have had the paint sitting in the hall cupboard for too long. So I cracked it open and went to work. I had choosen a egg shell blue colour which matches one of the colours of the tiles.
I had to paint two coats on the wall and then two coats on the ceiling- which was no easy task with me balancing on the ladders, kitchen units etc.
I was very pleased with the end result and it looks so fresh and bright compared to before. Now I just have to learn to not be such a messy cook so I can keep it that way!! ;-)

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