Friday, 28 May 2010

SATC Accies Girls Evening

On Tuesday 25th it was Loreen's turn to host the Accies girls evening. With SATC 2 just around the corner we decided to watch the first movie and enjoy some cosmopolotian cocktails. Paul, Loreen's other half even bought us the Cosmo Magazine. We induldged... and I ended up having to leave my poor bike there... actually it is still there!! I was thankfully okay the next day and had no cocktail hangover to speak of!
Vicki, Alex and Loreen with her funky new fringe.
Cocktails, magazines and the movie.
Wendy, Leona, Sarah and Zara.
Lorna, Me and Emily. 

Emily and Wendy were drinking water or virgin cosmo cocktails. Loreen went to lots of effort with her cocktails and everyone had a fun evening!

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