Monday, 10 May 2010

The Royal Botanical Gardens

Back on the 29th of December Nathan and I went to visit our first potential wedding venue, The  Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. It was covered with snow and looked so pretty. We had fun playing in the snow, although Nathan's snowball throwing was lethal! and tried to imagine what it would look like in the spring. 

Nathan and I in the snow in the Botanics

I think we knew before we even went to meet the management team that this is where we wanted to get married. Seeing it just confirmed our decision. We had a month of other decisions to make to ensure it fitted into our day but back in January we booked this venue for our ceremony and drinks reception. We are both SO excited about being married here. We have shared some great afternoons together at the Botanics and whilst growing up we have both visited here often with our families. I have some great pictures of my sister and I when we are younger in the Botanics with ice cream all over our faces. So it feels very fitting that this is where Nathan and I will marry.
The Caledonian house is where our drinks reception will take place. Back in December they were working on a small extension to the small building. The Caledonian House is beside the rockery at the East Gate.
The large trees around the Caledonian House create a strong backdrop. It looked so lovely in the snow, but now it's May and just over a year to our wedding and look at what a difference 5 months makes!
As Nathan was away for most of this past weekend I totally chilled out and hung out with the girls. On Sunday Hannah and I went for a long walk and ended up in the Botanical Gardens. After a coffee and a scone in their cafe we went and had a nose at Nathan and I's wedding venue. 

The gardens look so green and although my photos don't do it justice there are a lot of purple and blue flowers in bloom. I was so happy when I saw the gardens in their spring colours.
Looking up into the Redwood Tree direction.
If the weather is good on our wedding day, which hopefully it will be. We will be married under the Redwood trees. We have seen some beautiful photos on our Humanist celebrant, Tim Maguire's web page of other weddings he has conducted in the Botanics and it looks fantastic!'s so exciting.
What a beautiful natural backdrop.
Nestled in amongst the trees, standing tall are the 5 redwoods where there will be chairs set out for our guests.
Looking down from the Redwoods you can see the Caledonian Hall.
Looking down from the Rockery there are some beautiful spring colours.
The Botanics was very busy on Sunday as the weather was lovely.
Looking at Caledonian Hall which had a small marquee outside on the day Hannah and I visited.
Standing at the top of the rockery looking out over the city skyline. I wish my camera zoom was still working as it looked really picturesque. 

I am so so excited. Only 383 days to go! (according to The Knot website)


Holly said...

Jennie!! What a BEAUTIFUL spot for your wedding!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Thanks for all of the sweet messages you've left me recently, you are so thoughtful.

Love you-
You little American Sister:)

Holly said...

What a BEAUTIFUL spot to take your vows, I love it.

Thanks for all of the sweet comments you've left me recently, you are so thoughtful!!

You Little American Sister