Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Peebles Sevens- 25th April

Becky's friend Sarah, who she used to work with now lives in Biggar in the Scottish Borders. She gave birth to her lovely baby boy, George last November and he is a wee delight. 

Becky drove Hillary and I down to Biggar to visit Sarah and also so I could try on a wedding dress that Sarah never used. It was beautiful and although it would need to be altered it is on the yes list. It is the first dress I have tried on and it was so lovely. I still want to go and try on more dresses but I thought it was best to start with this dress so I had an idea. We brought it back to Edinburgh and is hanging in Becky's spare room.... who knows it may be the one but we will have to wait and see!

Sarah, her husband Ian and baby George then came with us to watch Dougie play in the Peebles Sevens tournament. It was really lovely to be outdoors and get some sunshine, although it could have been a little sunnier.
George, Becky and Hillary. George thought these two were really funny. I think they began to be concerned that he found them that entertaining... did they have something on their face... too cute!
Ian, George and Sarah. (I loved George's little rugby top!)

I really loved Biggar and Peebles and I want to make a note to come back down for a drive. Ian and Sarah's house is lovely and she seems really settled in the Borders. What a lovely wee family.

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