Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Living for the weekend. 10th & 11th May

Recently I have been so busy with work I have been living for the weekend as it feels like it is the only time I get a chance to breath and relax. This weekend I had a really enjoyable time with Nathan on Saturday and the girls on Sunday. 

We didn't drink, to be fair I haven't been drinking a lot recently as it makes the weekends last longer as I am not hungover and I get so much more done. It also has meant I am ready to tackle the next week when I go back to work on Monday.

On Saturday morning we met with a Mortgage advisor as Nathan's mortgage deal runs out next month. We are joining everything together as we will be a married couple in a year, so it makes sense. It is so scarey though as we are having to talk about mortgages and wills and what happens if one of us survives the other. All very grown up and not something you want to have to think about when you are planning your life together. 

 After our mortgage meeting we went to Toast in Bruntsfield for Brakfast. It was lovely and really enjoyable.
Nathan enjoying his breakfast.
I have been searching for a light shade for the livign room for ages and finally when wondering down Causewayside I found one at the Design Shop. See their website here. They also sell our cuckoo clock.
On Sunday I met Hannah and Hillary and we went to the Dean Gallery to look at the Diane Arbus exhibition. I had seen it once before with my Mum but it was definitely worth a second look. I really like her photography. It says a lot in a very simple way.
Hannah and Hillary outside the Dean Gallery.
The front of the Modern Art Gallery. Becky came and met us after we'd been to the exhibition and we all sat outside in the garden cafe catching up and soaking up a little bit of sunshine.
On Sunday morning Nathan decided to use his breadmaker for the first time. He put in all the ingredients and the breadmaker did everything for him- I am sure it still took skill to measure the ingredients though! ;-)
Proud and pleased with his wholemeal bread.
The bread was really delicious and I liked that we knew exactly what had gone into it! I am looking forward to Nathan making more bread. (hint, hint!)

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