Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Loreen's Suprise 30th Birthday- Friday 23rd April

Arnie, who plays rugby with Nathan and I have known since University planned a surprise party for his girlfriend, Loreen's 30th Birthday. I have gotten to know Loreen through our Accie's girls get togethers and she is lovely. She didn't have any idea about Paul's (Arnie's) plans. She was well and truely surprised.

All of the rugby couples met at Dan and Emily's new house for drinks before we went to Hawke and Hunter. It was so lovely to see everyone and catch up on all the news. There must have been about 15- 20 of us there and then we all made our way up to Piccardly Place to join the party.
Loreen walks into Hawke and Hunter to be surprised.
Excitedly greeting the girls
The Accies girls: Laura (the physio, who will be leaving at the end of this session) Wendy and Emily (who are both pregnant and due in July) Leona, Loreen, Jenny, Lesley, Lorna and Me. (The Hornibrook girls came along later as they were watching Les Miserables.)
Coups, Leona, Jenny and Bambi.
Mark and Zara were all smiles after their recent engagement.
Corinne and Mark
Lorna, Zara and Nathan (you got to love the height difference!)
Emily, Wendy and Vicki
Gail, Squawker and Shane
Lesley and Ross
Wendy and Ed
Nathan and I
Loreen, the Birthday girl and I.
Loreen and Paul
Leona, Loreen, Sarah, Vicki and Wendy (who wasn't partaking in a mojitos!).
Our mojitos (boy did my head hurt the next day!)
The boys towards the end of the night.. mmmm.... Shane, Jim, Jim's friend, Nathan, Ed and Arnie. 

We all had a great night and it was brilliant to catch up with everyone.

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