Thursday, 13 May 2010

Getting Healthy

Well after being crazy busy at work since November and not doing any exercise over the winter I came out of hibernation two weeks ago and actually admitted that it has all gone a bit too far. I weigh far too much and am very unfit.

Wedding or no wedding I need to get healthy.

So on the 30th of April I started a food diary. Oh dear! It is scarey! I eat a lot! My meals are healthy. Porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and a good balanced tea (although there is the occasional take away) but it is the extra calories that are ridiculous. The biscuit with my morning coffee, the piece of cake because it was a work colleagues birthday. The piece of chocolate after dinner- 'cos it was a pretty healthy tea' (not if you have chocolate after it!)

Plus the cupcakes, cheescake and baking isn't helping! 

In my food diary I have highlighted the sweet treats in pink highlighter and the caffeinated drinks in yellow. The diary is pretty covered in highlighter pen!!I didn't realise I was having 6-8 caffeinated drinks a day. I don't have milk in my coffee but I do tend to have a biscuit to accompany it.

So this has to stop....

On Monday I cancelled my gym membership- yes, I have been paying every month for over a year and a half to not use the gym. My membership was exsisting from when I worked freelance and could go at off peak times but why I ever thought I would go from 6.30-8 is beyond me!

I went to look around the Edinburgh Leisure Gym- Victoria Swim Centre at lunch on Monday and at the beginning of next month I will be signing up.

My old gym was like a tin can and had no natural light as it was in a leisure complex where as this gym is light and still has the original old Victorian swimming baths.

I can't wait to get in there.

I also need to sort out my poor bike that has been in the office car park since January. It's chain is rusting as are some of the bolts. Not a good state of affairs.

So as of the 1st of May I will be cycling to work again and going to the gym to do classes and swim.

I will also be trying to change my eating habits.

It's going to be tough but I am up for the challenge.

The old Victorian Swimming baths at Victoria Swim Centre.

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