Monday, 24 May 2010

Glorious Sunshine!

This past weekend the weather was AMAZING! I had such a good weekend.

I feel like I have been on a mini summer holiday. We stayed outside all weekend and soaked up the sun.


On Saturday we woke up to a beautiful clear blue sky and cycled down to Newhaven to meet Ed and Wendy (and the baby bump) for Breakfast at Porto and Fi. We sat outside and enjoyed a big breakfast. I ate so much I could hardly cycle afterwards!
Our bikes parked up outside Porto and Fi looked out onto the Firth of Forth.
We then cycled up to Stockbridge where Nathan meet with with some friends. The weather was beautiful and there were so many people laying out in Inverleith Park. Raeburn Place looked like a different place than the usual freezing winter weather that we experience it for the rugby.

We then cycled to Lily and Neil, Nathan's parents house and lay in their back garden for the afternoon. It was so nice to lay out. We then had a tasty BBQ with them that evening. They had bought yummy meats from Saundersons earlier that day.

Again we were up early and cycled down to Portobello Beach where the Edinburgh Marathon was taking place. Hannah was running part of the relay and we tried to get down in time to cheer her on but we missed her by 5 minutes! We still stayed and cheered everyone on.
On the beach is my Grandma's parents home, where she grew up. It is a cute little cottage that I wish we still owned. The family who now live in it had a cute little sun umbrella outside to enjoy the summer.
Nathan and I on the beach.
Scotland? Really? It looks more like the South of France or Spain. Just beautiful!
Enjoying coffee. Hannah came along and met us after the leg of her relay. It was so nice to be outside on a Sunday morning. We were at this lovely little cafe called The Beach House at the bottom of Bath Street. It is definitely somewhere I will visit again. It was my type of place.
We cycled all the way along the promenade and then cycled back, passing the cafe again. We then cycled all along to Leith and back onto the cycle path at Hawthornevale and I went to my Dad's and Nathan went on to do some errands.

On Sunday afternoon my sister, Dad and I went to see my Grandma at Corstorphine Hospital where she has been moved too. It has beautiful views across the city and was nice to all visit together. 

Afterwards we then went back to my Dad's and Bex bought loads of goodies for a BBQ. Nathan did the BBQing, I made the kebabs, it was all hands on deck... fun family time.
A tasty Sunday night feast. Meat, meat and more meat!
Becky made a chocolate banana in foil on the chiminea BBQ.
I was joking that I can't believe that in a year this joker (crazy poser) will be my husband......
... but then he came right back with.... and this will be his wife (what a horrendous photo!) In my defence we were playing a game from our childhood 'Butt Head'  Nathan and I found it when we were looking for charcoal in the garage. I am not sure of what our neighbours kids thought we were doing....but we were having fun! ......(I might have to pin this to our fridge to encourage me not to stuff my fat face!)

I had such a nice weekend with Nathan it was so lovely to spend time with him and cycle all over the city. Chilling out with each others families and seeing some friends..... Bliss perfect bliss! Long may this lovely weather continue!

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