Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dinner Party- 17th April

Well this weekend was mixed. Nathan and I went down to Raeburn Place to watch Edinburgh Accies play against Heriots in a game that would determine whether or not they would be relegated to the second division. There was a bit of family rivalry as whilst the Accies game was going on Dougie's team, Watsonians were playing Melrose and if they lost it meant they would go down. So both teams had a battle on their hands. 

In the end it was Accies (Nathan's team) who sadly were relegated. So there were not a lot of happy faces down at Raeburn Place, as you can imagine and it will make next year tough. (Becky and Dougie were delighted however but very sporting when chatting to Nathan.)

Nathan and I didn't stick around for too long as we had Nathan's friends from Uni coming round for dinner. Nathan had put on the crock pot earlier in the day. He made a delicious lamb tagine. It was so tasty. He served it with couscous and a brilliant sweet moroccan salad.
All the ingredients for Nathan's tagine.
The crock pot cooking away.

I was responsible for the desserts and I decided to try out my new cook book from my trip to Belfast. Both the recipes worked really well and I have already made the cheesecake again and Becky has also tried it out.
Ingredients for the chocolate mousse
I used the small ramekins that we have collected from the GU desserts we have bought. (We need to stop eating so many desserts!) Doubling the recipe made 10 chocolate mousses.
The ingredients for the baked cheesecake. I had never baked a cheesescake before. I had made a number of them with marscapone which only needed chilled but this was a new experience. I was a bit worried when I could see it raising so much in the oven but it did come back down and it tasted amazing.
I made a fruit compote with frozen fruits which tasted divine with the creamy cheesecake.
We tidied up the livingroom and the house (trying to keep up our spring cleaning) and it looked so nice I took a couple of photos. Having a tidy house makes me so happy. I just wish I had more time to keep it that way.
Looking into the kitchen. I can't wait till we can replace our electric fire with a nice white fireplace. One day!

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