Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Holly and Jon Orgill

Back in November when we were in Jacksonville spending Thanksgiving with my wonderful host family from my time in the States we were happy to be able to see Holly, the Stansbury's youngest daughter when she was on a trip home from out West. 

Holly was like my little sister when I lived there and it really took my breath away to see her and hear her talk of her job and responsibilities. She works as a councilor to young troubled teens.

When we went round the table and talked of what we were thankful of and also later on at dinner when she was telling us about the lovely guy she was dating it became evident that this was more than just some guy- this was THE guy! 

Back in February we were delighted to hear that the guy she talked of so fondly, Jon had asked her to marry him and she had said yes. See their cute proposal story here.

I couldn't quite believe the beauty of their engagement photos, taken by Rebecca Westover...  oooh! if I could fly her over to the UK for an engagement and wedding shoot I would! 

I love these photo. See all the engagement shots here on Rebekah's blog. The top photo was enclosed with our invitation but sadly we were unable to attend due to saving for our own wedding and our work commitments. We would have loved to have been there. 

Then their bridal shots came out and again they were stunning. I guess it helps when you are so clearly in love... like head over heels in love... and that you are as good looking as these too.... I love the photos where Holly is laughing... seeing her laugh I can immediately imagine the sound of it... (it's so distinctive- like all the Stansbury girls- they have their own brilliant laugh!) It carries me back to a time over 12 years ago when we were all under one roof.... great warm fuzzy memories!

Holly and her bridesmaids including Hillary on the left of her and Heidi on the right- looking good girls!
The Stansbury family. Vicki and Steve with their 3 girls their husbands and children. What a wonderful family.

See their beautiful wedding video at http://vimeo.com/12000211 I watched it this morning at work when I got in and had a wee tear roll down my cheek... Congratulations to Holly and Jon Orgill!! HOORAY!

..... now I need to get myself organized and actually mail out their wedding gift!! oops!

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