Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Easter with family

My Mum had Nathan, myself, Becky and Dougie down for dinner with her and my Dad. We decorated their house with some of their Easter decorations but not too much, as my Dad was complaining that he had only just managed to clear the Christmas boxes away into storage. I love all my Mum's decorations and like Christmas as you unwrap the decorations it reminds you of past holidays and when we were given the decorations. I loved when we found decorations from our visit to Germany to see the Bouldry family.
My parents Easter tree.
My Mum has always given us a wee Easter gift since we were small. We always get an Easter decoration and most years and Easter basket, which as we have gotten older became a handbag (it's a sort of Easter basket!) but recently we have both recieved cook books. This year we got a great baking book. I can't wait to use it.
I set the table and my Mum disliked the carrot candles that I found. We have no idea where they came from but I think they are great comedy value. Taste did pass them by but they make you smile!
My Mum made a delicious meal with Bruscetta to start.
A Delia Smith chicken and tarragon recipe.
roasted veggies
A citrus salad dressing with walnuts
Becky and Dougie, tanned and healthy from their 2 week trip to Australia for a friends wedding.
Nathan and I. Nathan is making a face as he wasn't feeling well.
My little cupcakes for afters. The ppor basket handles broke in my cupcake carrier on the way there.
Nathan's Mum gave us lots of yummy goodies too. I love the little candles on the right hand side that look like bulbs.. too cute and see gave me some new eggs to add to my tree for next year.
I loved the flowers Nathan's Mum gave me. They were beautiful. So fresh and bright.
The white tulips were divine. 
We had a really lovely Easter with our families and enjoyed spending time together relaxing.

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