Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sally and Boccer's wedding

Back in October 2008 Sally caught Rebecca Stewart's bridal bouquet. Only a month later Andrew proposed and on Saturday we attended their wedding.
Sally and Boccers were married at Sally's family home in Midlothian. It was beautiful. They had built a gazebo for them to marry under and the weather was very kind. It was a beautiful setting with the Pentland's in the background. We stayed over night in one of the cottages, which Sally's family rent out as their business. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a short break near Rosyln Chapel. See the details here for Gorton House.
The wedding party. The element of fun was evident from the very start of the day.
Each table had been assigned a song. When your song was played it was your tables turn to go up to the buffet table where there was roast pig accompanied by summer salads. It made it a very fun way to be served and stopped there being a big long line for food. The meal was delicious!
Andrew's Mum, Margaret made all the deserts and the wedding cake. How she accomplished this task is beyond me! Look at all those desserts! I was amazed and they tasted fantastic... we were spoiled! I had 3 types of dessert (diets don't count at parties or weddings!)
Marcus and Ali were on our table. My sister and Ali's sister went to Nursery school together and the 4 of us girls used to play together when we were younger. We would put on endless plays... fun memories!
Sally's Dad giving his speech.
Boccer's giving his groom's speech with the sun shinning in.
Duncan talking us through his slides for the best man's speech.
Sally and Boccers cutting the cake.
Jarrien and Colin
Ian and Sinead, whose due date was the day before the wedding. She looked radiant and it's so exciting to think that next time we see her she will have baby Campbell in her arms.
Catriona and Benji
Vicki and Stu on the dance floor. My feet hurt so much the next day as I did not stop dancing all night- always a sign of a good wedding I think! I loved the bunting and the roses all around the marquee.
Annie and Finnie who have recently gotten engaged... so many weddings to look forward too!
Some of the boys- Colin, Benji, Finnie, Geoff, Stuart, Nathan and Ian.
A few of the girls- Vicki, Annie, Jarrien, Me, Catriona and Sinead.
Nathan and I
Boccers with two of his ushers Guy and Tommy.
Allan had been at the Scottish Cup Final where he saw his team Dundee United beat Ross County. To say he was pleased was an understatement! He was also chuffed to have gotten a hug from Lorraine Kelly.
I wasn't quick enough to catch an action shot but the limbo dancing was popular although no one could go quite as low as Vicki... oh to have that flexibility!
Somehow every wedding ends the same with Nathan and Benji behind a bar or carrying out some crazy stunt. I have to say they were pretty tame- they must be growing up!
What are you having? 

We had such a good day at the Boccolli's wedding. The whole day was relaxed and fun and it was great to see everyone and catch up. I loved all of it..... and my head wasn't too sore the next day- always a bonus!

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