Friday, 22 May 2009

Allotment Caretaking!

This week Nathan and I have been looking after his parents allotment and so on Wednesday evening we went straight after work to water the veggies. I think I may be the first person to go to the allotment in my heels!! (I had come straight from work!) It was not a good look! I also managed to cover my jacket in mud from the hose! oops! Note to self- wear old clothes at the allotment!Lily and Neil's allotment is growing nicely. Their onions- red and white are shooting up (foreground on the right hand side) and Nathan was admiring his handwork- he built the two t-pee structures for beans last bank holiday weekend.

Nathan's parents have also been helping their friend Margaret develop her allotment. You may remember last year that after her husband sadly passed away we helped to clear a lot of the weeds and overgrown plants. So we went to have a check up on the progress of her plot.

BEFORE: As it was when the work started last year. Lily, Neil, Nathan and Ramin in the background. As it was once we'd spent the day clearing it.
AFTER: As Margaret's allotment is now. They have also taken the old greenhouse down and built a new one. I really like the vegetable beds.

I would love a little garden so between the allotment, my Dad's garden and my new herbs I feel like I am getting enough of a tastier for now!

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Heidi said...

LOVE that you garden in heels...that is my girl!