Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Saturday of the long weekend!

Well so much for a quiet weekend!! It was however very well spent with lots of time with family and friends!

We kicked off the weekend with dinner with my Parents and my Sister, Becky and her boyfriend, Dougie. My Mum had flown up from London for the weekend so we all caught up over dinner at La Favorita on Leith Walk. They were running behind schedule due to the busy Bank Holiday weekend but they looked after us really well and we even got a free bottle of bubbles whilst we were waiting!

On Saturday morning Nathan picked up my Moonwalk pack from the Post Office so I am all ready to go. It also included a bra, in my size, that you have to decorate to wear on the night of the walk but Oh my!.... I tried it on and walked through to the kitchen to show Nathan.... he was impressed but I am not sure I will feel comfortable.. it's a Wonderbra and is definitely "Hello Boys!" so I may have to purchase a new bra for decorating that is a little more discrete!
Me in my T-shirt, cap and with my number I will be wearing on the day.

Nathan had invited a lot of the Accies boys round to the house for Chilli (he went to the butchers on Saturday morning to get 3 types of meat for his Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall recipe!) and to watch the Heiniken Cup Final on TV. So I made myself scarce and Mum, Becky and I went into town shopping and for lunch. Town was mobbed with all the Heineken Cup Final fans.- there seemed to be more Leinster than Leister fans, it was a great atmosphere.

Everywhere was so busy so we ended up in the Hard Rock Cafe (I love their chicken tenders! So good!) We had a great lunch and even partook in a few cocktails!
Becky and I headed back from town once the shops had closed and we were greeted with 9 big rugby boys in my living room! We had a squeeze when it was 8 girls for the Accies girls get together... but somehow they managed and the chilli had been a great success... so much so I never even got to try a spoonful!

The boys all had the Accies club dinner in town so I dropped Nathan off and Becky and I chilled out at her flat. We watched some of Britian's got Talent as I had never seen Susan Boyle preform.... it was great just vegging in front of the TV.

However we decided to go into town to catch up with some of the girls so late on I drove us into town to meet up with Vick and Zaz as they'd been having dinner with their Mum (who was over from Ireland) and their boyfriend's Mum- all the boys /Dad's were at the club dinner Nathan was at. So we had a lovely few drinks and then met up with Nathan etc in Gran Cruz in the wee small hours.

Getting home so late was not my plan but it was lots of fun none the less!!

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Heidi said...

Sounds like a typical Jennie FAB-U-LOUS weekend!! I love how you and Becky are so close and do so much together. That really is so special! Your Mom looks amazing!