Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Driving Range!

On the Monday holiday Nathan, Becky and I went down to visit my Grandma as she was well overdue a visit! With all our galavanting away at the weekends I had not had a chance to see her. My Grandma was looking much better and is out walking most days so fingers crossed she will go from strength to strength. We had a great lunch with tea and biscuits too. Afterwards Nathan and I drove to Port Royal Driving Range by the Airport. I took lessons 2 years ago but I really need to go back. My shots using an iron were pretty straight and accurate- which is always good but my pitching was a bit off! I also need to buy some woods so I have a full set! I also need to learn how to use my driver- it has pink and purple stripes down it- which is very exciting but slightly redundant when I don't know how to position myself correctly to hit the shot!
My feet had a few wee blisters on them from my walk the day before so I had to take my shoes off... not the best way to practice my golf swing but it was so much more comfortable.
Nathan has just got new clubs so was keen to practice but he was still not feeling on top form from the Saturday night!

We are going to try and get in some practice over the summer and play a couple of games too.

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Heidi said...

So cute - that is such a wonderful activity to do together - you two are adorable!