Monday, 11 May 2009

Day off on Friday!

On Friday Nathan and I took the day off to travel up to a wedding on the Saturday in Aberdeenshire. We started the day by cooking breakfast for Stuart and Vicki, who were driving us up north. Vicki had recently been home in the West Coast of Ireland so brought round some delicious bacon, sausages and black pudding! It well and truly set us up for the rest of the day!

We had little stop over in Aberdeen and then continued to Aboyne on Royal Deeside. The little village was very cute and after we had a wee walk we went back to the hotel and awaited the arrival of the other guests.

We had a great Friday night and everyone got to catch up on each others news over drinks. I think I eventually went to bed at about 2.30 with Nathan closely following behind. Thankfully the wedding was not until 3pm so we had plenty of time to recover!My only photo from Friday night that Becca took. Andrew, Finnie and Duncan.

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