Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Crafting Materials!

I am really looking forward to this Bank Holiday weekend. At my company we don't usually get the late May holiday but they have given it to us to recognise all our hard work in the first half of this year- how nice is that!!

I have made no plans and I don't intend to! We have been so busy these last few months and every weekend we have had something on so I am going to chill out!!

I am also going to try and finally tackle all the boxes that have built up in our bedroom. Most of them are full of my craft materials.

When Vicki and Stu were round before Ian and Sinead's wedding Vicki had forgotten her wrapping paper and I was able to offer an entire 15+ rolls for her to choose from- plus the ribbon, the tags and the embellisments. I really need a full room for all my crafting equipment. I saw this recently on the Martha Stewart website- their crafting dept were moving and they set up a new shelving unit... I'm so jealous!!

I however will have to make do with our new shelves- which are still half empty but not for long!!!


carine said...

good god, as i was reading through this post i thought the photo was of your shelves in your spare room!


Heidi said...

I can't wait to see how you organize it!! 15 rolls of wrapping wonder we are kindred spirits!