Monday, 18 May 2009

Hearts and Heroes!

Well we survived the weekend! It was very well organized and a thoroughly rewarding event. I'm now exhausted and I wasn't even walking it!! The boys all did really well and apart from a few blisters and sore muscles all lived to tell the tale!!

I forgot the cable for my camera today so am unable to upload the mass of photos I took. (Sadly some shots were blurry- I've obviously been using my camera so much the auto focus is on it's last legs!!) But I will get them up in the next few days for you to have a look at.

You can still go to the guys justgiving page by just clicking here.

There were 542 people who took part with over 250 soldiers in the event to raise money along with rugby, corporate and charity teams. As I waited at each of the check points I was amazed at the stamina and determination of each person taking part. Whilst I was waiting at the Silver Check Point (21 miles- with 8 to go!) I saw Chris Moon and his dog run past with another team mate. Amazing! Nathan said some of the hills were so steep and coming down was no picnic either!
Chris Moon completed the 29-mile challenge with dog Poppy. Chris lost his right arm and leg in a landmine clearing accident in Mozambique but has gone on to complete marathons and challenges around the world.

Well done to everyone who took part! Brilliant!

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