Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hearts and Heroes Photos!

Before the boys set off on their 29 mile hike over the Hills. (l-r) Ian Berthinussen, John Berthinussen, Nathan Pike, Jason Parrott, Alistair Marsh and Ramin Mathieson.
The Starting Line at St Mary's Loch at 7am.
The Bronze stop at 11.5 miles all set up ready for the boys to refuel. The kettle was on! A field was taken over for all the support vehicles for the teams. The Army teams were very well organized but I think I gave them a good run for their money!!
Marshy mending his feet, Ian McKerrow, Squawker and Nathan with their cups of tea.
Ramin, Nathan, Marshy and the Berti Bros at the Bronze stop ready to tackle more hills.
Nathan was too busy talking to me that he needed to dash up the hill to catch up with the guys. They walked the majority of the way with the occasional run. The walking teams set off at 7am and the runners began at 9am. The bronze stop was where most of the runners overtook the walkers.
The mess that was left behind. An entire bag filled with empty bottles. A porridge pan and the remainder of the sweets and nuts. They really did stock up on their sugar intake throughout the day.
A waited for the guys at the Silver check point as they had needed to redo there bandages for blisters and needed to drop some of the kit they did not need. The river tweed looked very beautiful.
Me with Nathan's smelly socks in my hand, half of Marshy's lunch that he no longer wanted and the rest of the unwanted kit. At each point there was massage and physio for those that needed it. The tent at the gold finish had 20+ physios called Athletes Angels who were tending to the aches of the walkers.
At the finish line there was a pipe band to welcome everyone over the finish line.
John, Nathan, Ian and Marshy about to cross the finish line under 10 hours (they haven't had there correct time back minus all the breaks)
Receiving their medals at the finish line.
Nathan and I after he crossed the finish line.

Jim Renwick and Ian Barnes got the last but not leased award as they were the final walkers to come in at 13 hours and 27 minutes.
Squawker and Marshy in the marquee after our lovely food- we had a rotisserie chicken from the same company who do the pig roasts. Our chicken was accompanied by loads of salad and veg and it was a welcome change from all the sweets that I'd scoffed whilst waiting for the guys round the course!
Laura was also supporting her boyfriend John and his brother Ian. She too is doing the Moonwalk next month so hopefully the boys will return the favour and support us!!
The event organizer put on a great show with this fun band- there were even some people who were brave enough to dance- even with blisters!
The tented village on the Sunday morning. Nathan standing beside our tent and Jason beside his new 2 man tent. At least it stopped raining over the Saturday night.

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