Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Moonwalk Training!

With my kit arriving on Saturday I was reminded that I don't have long to prepare for the moonwalk. 4 weeks to be exact! eek! So Hillary, her friend from work Jen and I went for a long walk on Sunday. We walked along the Union canal from Linlithgow to Polmont and back. In total we walked just over 10 miles and my feet survived! My biggest worry is blisters!!

My legs ached after we finished and that night but by Monday I was recovered so I now know I can make it at least half way so there is no excuse if I keep up the training that I'll make it round!

It took us about 4 hours so we are walking at a good pace. We will need to speed up slightly as are keen to come in about 8am in the morning (we set off at midnight on the night of the Moonwalk!)

So wish me luck with the next couple of weeks of training!
Jen and Hillary on the Viaduct.
The Canal is so picturesque. It starts from near my house and goes over 50 miles across the country. They have done alot of work to regenerate the pathways and make it a pleasure for people to walk on or travel by riverboat/ barge along the canal.

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Heidi said...

Jennie - I am so proud of you for doing this!! Ten miles!!?? Seriously, everything in Scotland is so beautiful - it truly takes my breath away!