Monday, 4 May 2009

Megan and Mark's leaving BBQ

On Saturday night I headed round to Dan and Emily's for some pre BBQ drinks with a group of the Accies couples (Nathan was watching the rugby) Then we headed round to Stu's for Megan and Mark leaving BBQ. I didn't take many pics but here are a few of my snaps. Megan and Mark giving a wee speech with Stu behind them. All the boys in the background were standing round the BBQ cooking the meat.
Pricey and Megan are off back home to New Zealand after being a big part of the Accies team.
Jimmy O (with his KLM blanket- it was pretty cold outside!) Megan, Mark, Arnie and a Kiwi guy.
I brought some marshmallows to toast on the BBQ. I love toasted marshmallows!! So tasty!

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Heidi said...

I love the pictures of the marashmellows - so artsy!