Friday, 29 May 2009

Mid week Moonwalk training!

Duddingston Loch

Emma and I headed off on a midweek Moonwalk Training session last night. We left her house in Newington and after walking up to the video store to drop off her DVDs (hey all the walking counts!) we headed off from the Commonwealth Pool to Duddingston around Arthur's Seat and then walked down to Portobello. We walked along the Promenade and up Portobello Road to Piershill and Jock's Lodge and then back into Queen's Park and around Arthur's Seat back up to Emma's house... that makes it sound easy but we walked 8 miles in total! We were pretty impressed with ourselves.

We didn't walk as fast as we should have but we completed the distance. I really need to get this speed walking sorted.

It was great to catch up and gossip whilst we walked. We also took in lots of the picturesque scenes and of course I had to capture them for my camera.... and also to show Nathan that contrary to his comment on my justgiving site I am training!!!
Duddingston Loch looking onto the Pentland Hills. You can't really see but there were loads of geese chilling out by the water.
I love Portobello! My Grandma grew up here and both my Parents were brought up in this area. It was a large part of my early childhood and I have very fond memories of walking the promenade with my Grandparents and constantly stopping to talk to people. My Grandad was a butcher in Joppa (the next area close to Portobello) so he was well known by his customers.
The house with the green windows and door surround was the house that my Grandma and her siblings grew up in. Sadly in 1999 when my Grandma's brother, James passed away it was sold. Even then it still had an out door toilet (James wasn't interested in it being renovated) but I am sure the new owners have updated it and as you can see the neighbours have also done work on their house and have built in the attic to create more rooms. It is up for sale- so I could move back to my families routes!! These row of houses look right onto the Promenade and Firth of Forth.
Emma took an action shot of me walking around the Loch at Queen's Drive. There were lots of cygnets swimming around with their Swan parents- the parents were a little scary though!
After at least 7 miles of walking- a little windswept!
An action shot of Emma!
Emma with the scary Swans in the background!
Emma and I as the sun was setting and we were almost finished our walk. Tired and ready for our dinner!

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Heidi said...

So fun and so stinkin beautiful!