Monday, 4 May 2009

Saturday Shopping!

Well this weekend seems to have been largely about food (not much change there then!!) Nathan was for some unknown reason up at the crack of dawn on Saturday. So after persuading me to get up he eventually managed to drag me out the house by eleven o'clock!

We then ventured on a lovely walk, partly along the canal, to Saunderson's butchers. This is a fantastic butcher and Nathan has been going there for a number of years. I love when you go to shops where the owner knows your name.

They were really helpful and we bought a lot of meat for a bbq we were attending that night. Nathan managed to get a full rack of ribs which he marinated when we got home. I love how much he enjoys preparing his food!

We then wondered into the grassmarket to see if I could find a funky second hand fasinator/ hat for a outfit for a wedding. We went to Armstrongs and I tried on some amazing 30's hats- complete with netting at the front but they weren't quite right!

So we went up to Vistoria Street to Hula for a smoothie and then to Oink for a tasty pig roast roll. Revier Country Foods opened Oink as their permanent presence in Edinburgh after a successful hog roasting sessions at Edinburgh’s Farmers market.

I opted for the hog roast roll with crackling but I found the crackling way too hard to eat so Nathan had to nibble it instead. The meat was delicious though and I was pleased with the apple sauce and, sage and onion I chose to accompany my meat. Nathan had haggis and spicy relish on his!

I know a number of people who are planning hog roasts as part of their evening wedding buffet. I think it's a great idea and the meat was so tender!

We walked up to Walker Slater and instead of window shopping we went in and had a great chat to one of the assistants in there. He was very helpful and both Nathan and I were so suprised to learn how reasonable their suits are, especially when you consider that they are bespoke. Nathan tried a beautiful jacket on- made exactly for his build! (he looked very handsome!) so we might have to keep that at the back of our minds!

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Heidi said...

SOunds like the PERFECT day - good food, your life my sweet Jennie!