Wednesday, 27 May 2009

BBQ for the Bank Holiday Weekend

Since the weather was so nice on Monday we decided to have a BBQ at my Parent's house. Nathan and I went down after our driving range outing and chilled out.
My Dad BBQed in his Chimenea (not sure that's how you spell it!) He had two BBQs on the go.. our old trusty BBQ and this (sort of new) chiminea.
My Mum had prepared loads of tasty salads and veg... I love roasted veg.. it was so scrumptious!
tNathan was chilling out laying on the grass reading the Sunday papers whilst the BBQ cooked.
After we'd cooked on the chimenea my Dad added some logs to keep us warm (the sun had in true British style gone behind the clouds!) but we started to get smoked out!! Dougie and my Dad moved the chimenea up the garden slightly.
It did look really atmospheric!
After dinner Nathan and I went and picked up some Marshmallows from the shop across the road and we toasted them in the fire- you were taking your life in your hands however... not the safest desert in the world!!
Nathan and I
Becky and Dougie


Kristin Lea Robinson said...

This all looks so delicious and fun! I miss you loads and hopefully we can touch base on the same land soon or at least chat on the phone! Love you!

Heidi said...

I love all those gorgeous veggies your Mom made - now I see where some of your talent comes from. It looks like the BEST way to spend an afternoon!! I love the picture of you and nathan!