Monday, 11 May 2009

Celebrating the wedding of Ian and Sinead

Nathan and I on the bus on the way to the reception.
The Bride and Groom get piped to their seats through the tables. It was a very traditional Highland wedding and such a great venue.

The table decorations were lovely with the pink tulips. At their place setting each person had a pin for Amnesty International, Sinead used to work for them in New York. The Bride and Groom gave money to Amnesty rather than giving favours. I thought it was such a good idea. I also loved the idea that they had coronas with lime for the boys- so they could choose a glass of fizz or a beer.
The Bride and Groom doing Strip the Willow. The dance floor was brilliantly designed for ceilih dancing and provided a great venue for the reception.
Katie and Hector- there may be a spanish influence to their dancing?
We kept on ending up in a cirlce with someone or a couple in the middle doing their party peice.
Katie and Annie singing along and dance to Blondie.
We were being very energetic on the dance floor as the music was so good. We joked the next day that our muscles felt like we'd been doing a 2 hour work out in the gym!!
Everyone dancing to the Proclaimers and belting out the tunes at the top of their voices!
The Bride and Groom leaving for the evening under a shower of rose petals!
Benjie trying to convince the bus driver to let him drive home instead- oh dear!
Catriona, Vicki, Benjie and Sally back at the hotel after some energetic dancing at the wedding reception.
The boys ensured Duncan was a true Scotsman and so Sal decided to wear his boxers over her trousers! It was a great look!!
In the very wee small hours. Having a giggle after a few too many drinks! The Hotel bar stayed open for us so we could enjoy drinks after we got back from the wedding. There must have been about 50 of us staying there so it was worth their while!

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