Monday, 11 May 2009

Dad's Birthday!

Stu kindly drove Nathan and I back down the road from Aberdeen and we went to my Mum and Dad's to celebrate my Dad's birthday with my family. Dougie, Me, Nathan, My Mum and Dad charge our glasses to toast my Dad's birthday.
Becky made this amazing chocolate cake- it was delicious!! We had it with raspberries and cream (delicious!) My Mum and Becky had also prepared a great meal of Greek dips and garlic bread followed by chicken with summer vegetables.
My Dad blowing out his candles.
My sister- Becky, My Dad-Jim, Me and My Mum- Lorraine. Sunday was so lovely and sunny.

Whilst we were at my parents house Nathan and I got my tent out the garage and pulled it out in the garden to check we had everything for this weekend (more about that this week) I love my Dad's garden in the spring it is so beautiful!

It was a lovely evening and thankfully not too late a night. I was asleep by 10pm (which is very early for me!) It must have been all that dancing (and maybe the drinking too!!)


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