Monday, 4 May 2009

Edinburgh Great Run 10k

On Sunday morning Nathan, Hannah and I all headed along to watch Becky, Hillary and Zara run the Edinburgh Great Run 10k. They all did brilliantly and it was a great day!
We were standing on Forest road beside the 200m mark. This was the first runner the women's elite winner who at this point was on a time of 31 minutes... that's so fast!

Becky was telling me that a lot of the elite runners don't do the Edinburgh run as it is so hilly it reduces their average time. They went up part of Arthur's seat which kills me even when I just walk it!!
10,000 people took part in the race both elite athletes and also thousands of regular runners.
The runners- Hills, Becky and Zaz at the finish line with their medals! I was getting them to cheer under the Well Done sign which attracted the attention of a professional photographer who then dragged them off to take some snaps.

Mark and Zaz, Becky and Dougie beside the finish line in the High Street.

The supporters- Mark, Dougie, My Mum, Nathan, Me, My Dad and Hannah.

We were all staggered along different points of the race but sadly the only person I didn't see was Becky. She did really well and had a time of 49.08 minutes and she came 86th for her age group and gender position.

After the race we headed off to brunch with my Mum and Dad and spent the afternoon in the Dome's Garden Cafe- sadly we didn't manage to get a seat right in the sun but I still managed to get a face full of freckles from being in the sun in the morning!

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Heidi said...

Great job girls - you are just the most wonderful friend and sister Jennie!! I loved seeing your whole family (and boyfriends) together!! Love you all!